Why Choose Dedicated Hosting

We understand that with so many hosting providers out there, you'll need a really good reason to choose Dedicated Hosting. Here are 10 of them:

  • Our kit is simply the best - Dedicated Hosting chooses to partner with industry leading technology companies such as Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and McAfee. Unlike many of our competitors we only use purpose built business-class Dell servers and not white label consumer desktop machines with standard PC components. This significantly reduces the risk of component failure and costly downtime.

  • Google will love you - Combine powerful Dell kit with a super fast network and the amazing customer experience created will make your brand seriously popular with your customers, friends and even your boss. Your websites and applications will load much faster than achievable elsewhere, giving you something to feel quietly proud of. And most importantly, Google will love your website. Google rewards high performance sites with more traffic, better rankings and lower cost, so where better to host your environment than on the UK's fastest network.

  • No more growing pains - When budgets are limited but your business aspirations are not, Dedicated Hosting are the perfect choice for your server needs. As a specialist division of UKFast - the UK's premier managed hosting provider - you can grow your solution without ever needing to change provider. No other UK provider can seamlessly and effectively support your growth from start-up to global Superbrand - it's reassuring to know.

  • You're more than a number - Get the feeling that some providers don't really care about you or your business? We've taken the novel approach of hiring great people, experts in a wide array of disciplines and actually allowing them to speak with you. We will take time to understand you and will happily tailor an environment to suit your ambitions.

  • We're just around the corner - Fed up with foreign call centres, or endless automated services when you need urgent help? Then you'll be delighted to know we only use 100% UK based support staff. Many hosting companies will try to host and support you from America, Germany and even Romania. Google also recognises the relevance of companies hosting in their own country. Dedicated Hosting is proud to support British business and the British economy

  • We know our stuff - Say goodbye to untrained ticket handlers and say hello to our helpful and knowledgeable support engineers, all of which are 100% Level 3 qualified.

  • We don't cut corners - We host all of our servers on the multi award winning UKFast network - meaning you get the same level of performance and reliability that you'd expect from a premium provider, but without the price tag. Happy days!

  • You're in safe hands - We've spent well in excess of £1 million on our infrastructure, including some serious Cisco and Juniper border defence hardware to keep you safe from harm. You can take comfort in the fact that a number of UK banks, the police and 20% of the FTSE 100 host on our network too.

  • We cater for your tastes - Choose from five Linux distributions or a whole host of Windows Server options. Whatever your personal preference in operating system, we'll have the right flavour for you.

  • Our customers love us - We are honest and transparent from the offset and manage your expectations properly, something that our customers really appreciate. We take great pride in helping our customers at every stage of their journey as they flourish and prosper. Businesses on our network are typically growing at twice the national average.

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